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When talking about this side of the industry, we can't emphasize enough how important storyboarding is. While every video should tell a story, that concept is even more crucial when it comes to anything BlazeAir produces for commercial projects. 

Pre-production and strategizing with the client is just as important as the actual shoot. From our first meeting to putting the final touches on a project, our goal is to bring our clients' vision to life. 


For the past 3 years, BlazeAir has been bringing our high-end production skills to high-end real estate brokerages across the nation. We continue to bring the most up to date, advanced technology and techniques to our clients to keep them ahead of their competition. 


BlazeAir brings together all of our team's unique skills and backgrounds to create the highest quality content and recap videos for festivals, concerts, and event venues across the country. We deliver high quality marketing assets that help festivals sell more tickets and sponsorships.

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